Daily Dump: Sports Blog Tournament Update, Gambling Bust, Alycia Lane Update, Bowden to WVA?


So we put this small Sports Blog of the Year project together over the weekend. Little did we know how personal so many of you would take it.

A couple of items need to be clarified. Again, we used BallHype rankings. Top 64 ‘hyped’ blogs are in.

The reason for using this system is simple: It’s based on how you guys perceive certain blogs and the blogging they present. If you didn’t make the tourney we’re sorry and it wasn’t meant to be a snub towards anyone.

We’re taking some heat from certain people and all we can say is if you don’t like the system, create your own. It was an idea and for those involved they seem to like it.

As for the tournament itself, check out the battle between #2 Kissing Suzy Kolber and #15 Fan IQ. The early morning update has IQ at 475 to KSK’s 455.  In the same region we have 100% Injury Rate locked in a tight one with 700 Level. 100% checks in with 298 to 280.

In the battle between Shanoff and Mottram it looks like the bald guy could take this unless Mottram unleashes his blogging empire on the vote total. Shanoff says to expect a huge post on the tourney so this could end in a landslide for Dan.

A potentially huge upset has #15 Joe Sports Fan leading MLB Trade Rumors by 38 votes.

Today’s Dump:

Terry Bowden looking at WVA job [Denver Post]

Alycia Lane taken off air, air hopes she’ll take off more clothes [Courier Post]

Dude, that football field isn’t a parking lot [Daily Bulletin]

Iowa losing 3 football players who don’t follow the law [Quad City Times]

Former NFLer busted in Jersey gambling operation [SignOnSanDiego]

Top 20 Talk Radio Callers [Epic Carnival]

Dr. of Poon checks in with Powder Puff football coverage [MacGsWorld]

West Virginia fans react to Rich pulling a Petrino [College GameBalls]

An interesting cocktail [Brahsome]

So long Gay Rod [Losers With Socks]

Today’s Tail:

Hot chicks flying under the radar [The Put Down]

Anglo name, Asian features [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Tara Reid life, breast a total mess [Javno]

Spot the hooker trivia test [Pointless Banter]

Pink lingerie has never looked so good [Slamdizzle]

Gemma Atkinson shows off cleav to adoring fans [UK Celeb]

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