Phil Dawson Has Field Goal Gig Mastered


Phil Dawson is the toast of Cleveland this morning. The Browns’ kicker hit two field goals to account for the shit stains offensive output yesterday.

And it was slightly unexpected with 35 mph winds and a wicked winter storm.

The usual game-day routine that put him on the field to survey the conditions mid-morning had severe limitations. Sunday morning was beach weather compared to the afternoon.

“The one thing I learned being here so long is that going out there at 9:30 on Sunday morning prepares you for 9:30 on Sunday morning,” Dawson said.

He can’t remember ever aiming as far left as he did on the second field goal. He picks targets, he said. A letter on the scoreboard. A pink hat in the stands. This one, he had to start out in the no-man’s land between the left upright and the sideline.

What’s next for Dawson, kicking field goals in a hurricane?

“Dude, all I do is aim at the security guard in Sec. 348 and let the wind carry it 30 yards left.”

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