Today’s Spankings : Danielle Lloyd, Anna Sedokova, Angela Bloomfield, Nancy Valen




English import Danielle Lloyd quickly picking up American culture. 

Welcome to a new feature at Busted Coverage. We’ll hand out birthday spankings to those celebrating their big day.

1962 – William Perry, American football player

1964 – Billy Ripken, American baseball player

1965 – Nancy Valen, American actress

1972 – Angela Bloomfield, New Zealand actress

1981Anna Sedokova, Ukrainian singer

1983 – Danielle Lloyd, English model

1987Hallee Hirsh, American actress

1988Anna Popplewell, English actress



Anna Sedokova just another hot chick celebrating birthday. 

Nancy Valen, best known for role on Baywatch, is getting really old. 

Angela Bloomfield famous for having New Zealand’s best breasts.

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