Browns-Bills Game Must Watch Of The Day


Update: If you aren’t watching this game get to a sports bar NOW! The field is in complete backyard, old-school condition. 

As a bonus, Gus Johnson is calling it for CBS. 

I hate the Browns but this is great. 

Who needs Patriots-Jets when we have Browns-Bills in severe winter conditions. It’s nothing new for fans of either team. But the plot lines for today’s game are interesting.

  1. -Playoff picture
  2. -Snow
  3. -Wind
  4. -Drunks
  5. -Snowballs
  6. -Refs

You may remember a few years ago when Browns fan resorted to throwing plastic bottles after a reviewed call went against them. (See above video).

That brings us to fan behavior predictions for today’s game:

-Fans will throw snowballs at refs

-Fans will throw snowballs at Santa

-Fans will cheer when Bills player is injured

-Some fan will be on television with his shirt off

-Someone will be arrested

It’s time to Bone Up!

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