Today's Spankings: Snejana Onopka and Helen Slater


Snejana Onopka. Nice knees. Deathly skinny legs are HOT. 

 Welcome to a new feature at Busted Coverage. We’ll hand out birthday spankings to those celebrating their big day.

It’s slim pickings if you’re celebrating today. You share the big day with Mo Vaughn. Double chocolate brownie cake for everyone!

1963 – Helen Slater, American actress

1967Mo Vaughn, American baseball player

1972 – Rodney Harrison, American football player

1973Surya Bonaly, French-born American figure skater

1978 – Jerome McDougle, American football player

1986Snejana Onopka, Ukrainian supermodel

The entire Wikipedia birthday list.

Helen Slater orders the 6-piece with side of slaw. 

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