Daily Dump: Busted Coverage Fan Passes, App. State, Football Frat Fight, BYU DUI, Unique Protest


We have sad news for today’s Daily Dump. A friend of Busted Coverage has died. Brad never read this blog, but he was recently presented with a Tempe12 calendar and was very appreciative. His favorite student model was Audrey from Ohio State.

Brad had good taste. And was a great guy who loved his dog, hunting, beer and family. He died way to young. He did things his way and was a loyal friend to the family.  

Busted Coverage is rarely serious. We all have way more serious situations to take sports as life and death. If you’re that person, it might be time to call an old friend, former classmate or relative and catch up on ‘things.’ You’ll fee much better than if your stud fantasy RB has 175 and 3 TDs. 

It’s the holidays. Don’t forget what is really important in life. I recently heard a quote that I wrote down to keep with me and today it comes in handy.  

“In the end it all ends the same.”

Life is all about what people will say about you when your time comes. 

Brad has nothing to worry about.

Today’s Dump:

App. State causes near riot on football field, huge season capped [Washington Post]

Jack Cobra relives baseball playing days on the juice [Epic Carnival]

BYU basketball player’s wife arrested for DUI, classic mug shot greatness [Deseret News]

Keg line too long for Drake football players, fight ensues [Des Moines Register]

Sign of the Times: High schools students protest A.D., want her fired [Some TV Station]

Texas College student studies business to help run crack cocaine empire [Tyler Paper]

Bowling Green University has interesting request of OSU fan [ESPN/AP]

Virginia bowl tickets tough sell [Daily Press]

Today’s Tail:

Old link but a classic, Golden Age of Chicago prostitution [NY Times]

Perfect Christmas gift for wife or girlfriend: Stripper Lessons [Gibbs12]

Cleveland Browns fan will want to see this chick in her shit stain colors [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

The chick you found last night at the bar and kicked out of the sack at 7 am [Tasty Booze]

Roger Clemens makes Today’s Tail, you know where this is going [Brahsome]

Lucy Pinder in the buff [UK Celeb]

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Ernie got in on the first free calendar and plans to give it to his boss to say thanks for being an asshole all year.

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