Daily Dump: Who’s Worse For Baseball, Jerry Jones and Bobby Petrino, Dr. Ruth Breaks It Down, Tara Reid’s 6 Pack


Today is the day. Time for you ‘roiders to step forward and accept your public flogging. Hopefully you’ve prepared your “I thought it was flaxseed oil defense.”

“My trainer told me it was a boner cream so I was using 2 tubes a day.”

This whole steroids scandal begs the question: Who is worse for baseball? Steroid abuser/user or Pete Rose?

Steroid user did more to affect the outcome of a game than anyone in the history of the sport. Pete just had a couple of coins on the game. If a single name on the Mitchell Report gets in the Hall of Fame it will be a joke for baseball.

I want to see guys go down. They have little care about the game. Show them dollars and they’ll shoot tequila into their ass cheeks.

The big loser in this whole saga is batboy. How typical of Major League Baseball. A batboy becomes the major witness to the biggest scandal in the sport’s history.

He’ll no longer be trusted with buying steroids for Mr. Superhero.

Washing cars, running to Taco Bell and getting digits in the crowd are still a go.

Drugs, strip clubs, transporting drugs, injecting drugs, locating hookers are all crossed off the to-do list forever.

Today’s Dump:

Jerry Jones helps hire Bobby Petrino, a conversation for the ages [College Game Balls]

And you thought your head hurt from last weekend’s hangover [Epic Carnival]

What would you do if your coach asked for a kiss before a game? [Daily Breeze]

Buffalo Bills fans miss game after security says they’re acting like barbaric lunatics [Buffalo News]

Troy Hambrick likes selling rock, soon to grab ankles in prison [TampaBay.com]

Penn State gives Big Ten Network huge hard-on, drops Arkansas State for Oregon State [Lancaster Online]

Coach in jeopardy of losing job, arrested for murder and transporting pot [Some TV Station]

Dreaming the dream, bowl playoff would be sweet [Losers With Socks]

An interesting nickname for Bobby Petrino [3rd Saturday in October]

Today’s Tail:

Dr. Ruth still rapping on how to give your woman a huge orgasm [Journal Now]

Tara Reid shows off ripped 6 pack, vomiting optional [Daily Mail]

Felicia likes a good time that doesn’t include 4-hour Wii marathons [Hottest Girls of MySpace]

Open letter to fat ass Jennifer Love Hewitt [Tasty Booze]

Arkansas chicks show Bobby Petrino they love a quitter [Poon of the SEC]

Jessica Alba will never be the same [Brahsome]

Lucy Pinder shows skin, one-hand on breast method [The Put Down]

Paris Hilton looking for a ‘boy’ who won’t treat her like a washed up porn star [Pointless Banter]

More Hilton news, Hannah Hilton wants to thank breast surgeon [Slamdizzle]

Lucy and Michelle definitely NSFW [UK Celeb]

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