The Mitchell Report: Our All-Star Juiced Lineup

Anyone with a pulse is aware of the guaranteed juicers. It’s our duty to bring up some names of guys you might be forgetting about who could appear in The Mitchell Report.

Our All-Star Juiced Starting Lineup:

Jeff Bagwell, 1B

Brady Anderson, OF

Vinny Castilla, 3B

Ron Gant, OF

Ivan Rodriguez, C

Brett Boone, 2B

Miguel Tejada, SS

Greg Vaughn, OF

John Wetteland, RP

Kenny Rogers, SP

Did you know Ron Gant has more career home runs (321) than Rogers Hornsby, Roger Maris and Brooks Robinson? Sad, eh?

Our favorite to be sold out by the Mitchell Report is Brett Boone. The guy goes from a slap hitting second baseman to barbarian in a couple of seasons. Dude looked like he was going to rip out of his uni during that 2001 season.

Tomorrow should be fun.