South Florida Lineman Has Arms Full Of Blondes


Who’s Thomas Edenfield, you ask? He’s some freshman lineman for the University of South Florida, better known around campus as the football player who accessorizes his tree trunk arms with blondes.

Is the Brooke Hogan look en vogue down in the Tampa area? Not that I’m complaining.

From the looks of things Thomas, a freshman, is adjusting quite nicely to the college grind.

It’s our expert opinion that Edenfield is wasting his time with the blondes. We suggest he work over the brunette. From the look of things he’s got the same idea with the hand on that ass move. The blonde, not known for her strategic smarts, can’t comprehend such signals.

Thomas frightens two more USF undergrads. By the time this guy is a senior he’ll be the most prolific tail tapper at USF. Our scouting department will continue to track his progress and provide you with updates on which blonde he’s tagging next.

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