Daily Dump: Michigan Coaching Circus, Petrino Finds New Home, Nick Barnett Bartends, Cowboys Cheerleaders Calendar Party, Streaker

The coaching situation at Michigan has become comical. AD Bill Martin can’t seem to do anything right and has left the Wolverines without a coach and Les Miles still in Baton Rouge.

Sorry Bill but Les can’t leave with a national title game in the works.

Many conspiracy theorists say don’t write off Miles. In an interview with Detroit radio, Chris Spielman said he smells a rat.

I think they have enough good people at Michigan and enough contacts around this country, that you don’t go to a guy, that you don’t go to a guy, that’s rumored to be your No. 1 contact. I mean, I just don’t know what to believe. Do you find that hard to believe? I do. I hate saying it, but don’t tell me that. You’re Michigan. You have access to every coach in the country to get advice on your search and you’re telling me that you don’t have enough good people in your system and in college football that you can’t get advice, that you have to get advice from Les Miles? Come on.

Can we just get to New Year’s Day and watch Florida kick the shit out of Michigan…please? Teblow Me is going to go crazy in that game in preparation for his back-to-back Heisman run. 

While Michigan seems to have trouble sealing the deal, Arkansas rescued Bobby Petrino from the Atlanta fiasco. We sit here listening to DeAngelo Hall whine about the guy hitting the road. I’d be out too if I had to deal with all those thugs and losers on that roster. Like DeAngelo Hall really gives a shit who the coach is.

Entertainment Nugget: Jessica Simpson could soon be showing off the Romo fun bags on the big screen. Wait, I thought hooking up with Romo was the career saver. I smell a list coming on. 

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