New York Jets Fans Have Unique Pickup Line To Entice Women

What do you get when you mix degenerates from New Jersey with degenerates from any of the 5 bouroughs?

A pack of New York Jets fans. And they want to see one thing at halftime of games at the Meadowlands.


A unique tradition we weren’t aware of has been ongoing for 2 years now. The time honored tradition of chanting for female friends to show off the cans.

And the Newark Star-Ledger is on the prowl for disgusting behavior.

Hundreds of men demanded the women show their breasts, only in more vulgar terms. Others, like a 12-year old boy with a cowlick, leaned over the railing to deride women who would not flash the crowd.
“It’s disgusting,” said Laura Liciano, 38, of Lindenhurst, who said the ritual is repeated at every Jets game — and sometimes encouraged by attention-seeking women.

What a great father taking his 12-year old to a Jets game so he can see some boobs. Jersey parents are the greatest.