Famous Ryanair Bikini Calendar Catching Flack From Retarded Spanish Protestors



Some smartass organization out of Spain has issued a complaint about the now-infamous Ryanair bikini calendar featuring smoking hot ladies who work for the airline.

Spanish consumer group Facua said it has issued a formal complaint to the Institute of Women, part of the labour ministry, and to the National Consumers Institute, charging the calendar violates a 1988 law that bans advertising that “constitutes an affront to persons.”

The calendar “is an affront to the dignity of working women in general and flight attendants in particular, by showing stereotypical women of this profession and against which we have been fighting for decades,” Facua said in a statement.

Please, go protest something worthwhile, like some football player who kills dogs.

Get out of our bikini calendar business. These ladies are great role models for any young girl who wants to grow up to wear high heels and be harassed by drunk international sales dude in first class. We’ve actually never flown first class so we always get the old, white-haired lady finishing out her 30-year flight attendant career.

God help us. Please let this Web site become a huge success so we can fly first class and experience our dreams.