Big Ten Adds 13th WEEK, MAC Schools Grab Ankles In Anticipation of Ramming


The savvy presidents of the Big Ten have come to their senses and voted to add a 13th game week to the 2009 schedule. The change in scheduling means teams will play the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It also means the Big Ten Network can add more sorry ass games to its lineup.

“Don’t miss a single snap of this weekend’s Minnesota-North Dakota A&T showdown.”

“If you thought Michigan-App. State was entertaining, wait until you see the Ohio State-Ohio Northern shootout.”

“Northwestern has been waiting all season for its battle with Ferris State.”

Jesus H. Giving a Big Ten school an extra game week is like giving a crack whore $10. She’s buying the cheapest rock possible and smoking it in record time. The scheduling clowns should make fast work of making the conference look even more stupid by penciling in more cupcakes than ever before.

Thanks to our sober reader we were corrected. The Big Ten is adding a bye week.

MAC schools still holding ankles. And the Big Ten Network still sucks.