Notre Dame Fan Gets Drunk, Dance Skillz Impress Drunk Buddies


At least one fan has found a reason to dance at Notre Dame games.

The Weis era has officially hit shit status. He’s now lost back-to-back games to the academies and the almighty one is publicly questioning his own players.

It’s obviously his players fault. The likely cause of this is that they are stupid, ignorant and will never be New England Patriot material.

We have to start gearing to make sure that everyone from the bottom up, whoever might end up playing in the game, is getting it,” Weis said.

Weis said most years he’s been able to get his message across in meetings, see it translated onto the practice field and then onto the playing field on game days. He can’t figure out why he can’t do that this year.

“I think that’s my biggest frustration,” he said.

Notre Dame gets what is deserves. And don’t cry when you have to pay him countless millions to ship his fat ass back to Boston.

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