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Dec 22, 2013

Hot Dog Vendor At Half-Empty FedEx Field Eating His Own Wieners

This FedEx Field hot dog vendor is currently eating his own hot dogs. #desperatetimes #Redskins #Cowboys pic.twitter.com/SZYJCiU0Qu — Matt Brooks...

Oct 4, 2013

RG3 Is So Cornball That He Spent A Day Off At Outlet Mall

I’m not sure whether this is some sort of PR stunt from Adidas or if RG3 and his wife really...

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Sep 11, 2013

Hero: Redskins Fan Eats His Own Beard After MNF Loss [VIDEO]

Pro tips: don’t bet on the Redskins until RG3 shows he’s fully recovered, and NEVER offer to eat part of...

Aug 2, 2013

Redskins Want Training Camp Field Dried, Helicopter Called In [VINE]

If you’re a billion dollar NFL franchise and you selected Richmond, Virginia for your new training camp location, how do...

Jul 31, 2013

I Love This ‘RevRedskin’ Guy & His Passion

I was going to post a baseball video today of a Tampa Rays ballboy making one helluva snag in the...

Jul 25, 2013

Redskins Fan Crying Because She Didn’t Get Autograph At Training Camp

BC reader @Seth1216 sent word tonight that a woman named Kimberly Lewis was telling Redskins fans to avoid going...

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Jul 25, 2013

43 Best Washington Redskins Cheerleaders & Superfans

  Know Your 2013 Washington Redskins: Key Additions: WR Devery Henderson, WR Donte’ Stallworth, OT Jeremy Trueblood, DE Darryl Tapp,...

Trent Williams Tasered in Nightclub Brawl, Won’t Play in Pro Bowl

Most NFL players kick back with some umbrella drinks and a lei while they wait to play in the Pro...

Jan 26, 2013

Redskins Fan Paints Team Logo On Her 9-Inch Fingernails, Loves Dan Snyder & RG3

Meet Pepper Cox. She’s the woman you see walking around Washington D.C. with the crazy 9-inch fingernails. But those fingernails...

Jan 4, 2013

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Aug 14, 2012

42 Hottest Washington Redskins Cheerleaders & Sexy Superfans

Like most of you, we are itching for football season to start. In the midst of the dog days of summer, many get sick of baseball and start turning their attention to football. Don’t blame you a bit. To help quench your thirst, BC is going on a 32 team, 32 day, 32 gallery tour of NFL cheerleaders & superfans. Will Robert Griffin III be the answer? Can he bring the Redskins out of futility? JUMP!

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Jun 23, 2012

Bruce Irvin Mixes Up What NFL Team He Is On And Then Explains He Was “F#%ked Up” [VIDEO]

Bruce Irvin of the Seattle Seahawks was being interviewed in his NFL locker room and thought he was a Washington Redskin instead of a Seattle Seahawk. Irvin responded with "I'm f#%ked up man. I'm f#%ked up". You are going to want to go ahead and jump to the 3:20 mark of the video to catch this because it's pretty boring until then. Irvin, you may want to get your team name right. HT @BrianMFloyd  JUMP!

Apr 28, 2012

The Redskins Really Messed Up Their RGIII Introduction Press Conference [PHOTOS]

The Washington Redskins held an introductory press conference for the 2nd overall pick in the NFL Draft today for Robert Griffin III. The former Baylor Bear and Heisman trophy winner walked up on stage and then this screen went up that just read "Video Lock Error Ident Mode" on the NFL Network. The feed was not able to be resurrected and anything RGIII had to say was only heard by the people in the room. JUMP!

Feb 27, 2012

LaRon Landry’s Teammate Adam Carriker Pulls A Landry With Wife’s Shirt [PHOTO]

We're sure you remember Washington Redskins' safety LaRon Landry's impossibly jacked photo from last week. Well, teammate Adam Carriker had a little fun with it. Carriker threw on his wife's shirt and flexed in front of the camera just like Landry. Obviously, this dude has too much time on his hands. Here's the result and his interaction with Landry. All we have to say is, "Why to go, brahs!" Check it!

Feb 16, 2012

2012 Randy Moss Prop Bets In Case You’re A Degenerate

Randy Moss is making a return to the NFL after sitting on his ass at home for a season. We have to wonder if there will be a market for Moss, who's 35, although we imagine some team will take a flyer on him at some point. The great thing is you can already put a wager on which team that will be. Bodog has put together two Randy Moss prop bets. We've got all the odds right here, along with our expert betting advice. Or something.... Check it!

Dec 11, 2011

The Redskins Cheerleaders Sported American Flags On Their Bottoms [PHOTOS]

Rex "Rextacy" Grossman aka the "Sex Cannon" and the Washington Redskins faced off against Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. Grossman spent most of his time on his back or missing his receivers against the stout New England defense where the sound of booing filled the stadium. Rob Gronkowski made a spectacular catch in which most of the defense thought he was down. JUMP!

Oct 5, 2011

Redskins Owner Dan Snyder Buys $70 Million Yacht [Photos]

Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder is loaded. How loaded? He just forked over $70 million for a gigantic luxury yacht called The Lady Anne. Maybe he can throw another $40 million at Albert Haynesworth and use him as an anchor. We've got the particulars, we've got the photos, and we've got the story of Snyder's latest purchase, which says "I'm a bigger baller than you could even dream of!" Check it!