Tim Tebow Jockey Photos

  • Tim Tebow Virginity Tracker: The Jockey Chick [Photos] NFL

    Tim Tebow Virginity Tracker: The Jockey Chick [Photos]

    Tim Tebow was in New York City over the weekend at Macy's doing work for his Jockey sponsorship deal, which meant event organizers had the chance to throw a model in her underwear onto a stage with Mr. Virginity. Guys, we've tracked this guy hanging with chicks and this is the very first photo of Tebow with a chick showing this much skin in the last two years. Imagine that for a second. Not a single public image of this dude with a bikini chick or even a woman in a short skirt. Of course this guy takes his virginity seriously. Step back, ladies, this guy is playing hard to get.


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