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  • 2014 MLB Sexy Superfans Girls

    2014 MLB Sexy Superfans

    April is the month of fun. School is almost over, work is getting done, and baseball is just beginning. April is the...

  • Sexiest MLB Superfans Of The 4th Of July [PHOTOS] Other Sports

    Sexiest MLB Superfans Of The 4th Of July [PHOTOS]

    The smell of hot dogs. The green grass. 45,000 fans on their feet in the 9th inning. Draft beer on a 90-degree day. It's that time of year when we suddenly forget - a little bit - about football and think about our youth when going to a baseball game meant autographs, ice cream batting helmets and the possibility that dad would cave to your cotton candy demands. Now we're all grown up and it's about baseball, beer & babes. Today we cover the babes. JUMP!