• 2014 MLB Sexy Superfans

    2014 MLB Sexy Superfans

      April is the month of fun. School is almost over, work is getting done, and baseball is just beginning. April is the…

  • Sexiest MLB Superfans Of The 4th Of July [PHOTOS]

    Sexiest MLB Superfans Of The 4th Of July [PHOTOS]

    The smell of hot dogs. The green grass. 45,000 fans on their feet in the 9th inning. Draft beer on a 90-degree day. It's that time of year when we suddenly forget - a little bit - about football and think about our youth when going to a baseball game meant autographs, ice cream batting helmets and the possibility that dad would cave to your cotton candy demands. Now we're all grown up and it's about baseball, beer & babes. Today we cover the babes. JUMP!