San Francisco 49ers
Oct 23, 2015

Looks Like 49ers Fan Had Plenty Of Wine Last Night

I’ll assume that she had today off. Look, you can’t really blame “Brenda” (or whatever her name is) for getting...

Oct 5, 2015

49ers Fan Joanna Cannot Stand Jed York and the Raiders

Joanna's got 49 problems, but the Raiders ain't one.

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Sep 29, 2015

49ers Schedule 2015: San Francisco Football Game Dates & Start Time

Many experts thought the San Francisco 49ers would make the next step forward last season but a disappointing season from...

NFL Fans In A Fun Buffalo Wild Wings Patio Fight

Watch Phil Simms protect his throwing hand.

Sep 21, 2015

Buy Justin Smith’s San Jose House — $2,888,000

Justin Smith was a part of the string of 49ers players who weirdly all retired right around the same time...

Jul 26, 2015

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Jul 18, 2015

Buy This Custom 1999 49ers Motorcycle — $20,000 (or possible part trades)

Sure Collin Kaepernick hasn’t exactly panned out like you guys had hoped, sure Jim Harbaugh ditched you for his college...

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Jan 16, 2015

49ers Head Coach Jim Tomsula Gives Brutally Awkward Interview

  Jim Tomsula’s reign as head coach of the San Francisco 49ers is off to a pretty interesting start. On...

Jan 8, 2015

Colin Kaepernick Rocking Shades During His Dentist Appointment

  There are ton of question marks surrounding the San Francisco 49ers this offseason. Who will they hire as their...

Dec 9, 2014

Watch This 49ers-Raiders Parking Lot Cat Fight

You can always count on Raiders and 49ers fans to keep it interesting for the Battle of the Bay. These...

Dec 8, 2014

49ers Chick Dominates Raiders Mannequin Bong

It wouldn’t be an Oakland Raiders tailgate without some hardcore mannequin beer bonging. While some may find the pregame ritual...

Dec 8, 2014

49ers Fans Now Burning Colin Kaepernick Jerseys

Boy, the Colin Kaepernick era sure was fun! The run-happy quarterback was a disaster on Sunday, completing just 18-of-33 of...

Aug 22, 2014

Levi’s Stadium STILL Isn’t Ready For Sunday (The Turf Is A Disaster)

Looks like the 49ers front office spent all their money on Colin Kaepernick’s fancy new deal, but didn’t leave any...

Mar 1, 2014

BC Interview: Marcus Lattimore On His Comeback & Shirtless Steve Spurrier

We sat down for an interview via phone this morning with San Francisco 49ers running back Marcus Lattimore @MarcusLattimore, who...

Feb 13, 2014

The 49ers New Levi’s Stadium Looks Awesome [PHOTOS]

Lost in the San Francisco 49ers’ playoff run was that the team never did get to play another game at...

Jan 13, 2014

60 NSFW Black Dudes Analyze Sunday’s NFL Divisional Playoffs

  Sunday’s NFL games helped finalize the conference championships… and showed that not all NFL playoff games are a thrill...

Jan 6, 2014

60 NSFW Black Guys Break Down Wild Card Sunday

Wild Card Sunday brought the end of the season to two more NFL fan bases. The day’s results also set...

Sep 24, 2013

Colts & 49ers Fans Kicked Some Ass Sunday At Candlestick

  Sunday was a banner day for 49ers fans. Not only did they get schooled by Andrew Luck and the...

Sep 11, 2013

49ers Fans Fighting Over A Cheese Grater At Packers Game [VIDEO]

  Is there a better reason to fight at a Packers-49ers game than over a cheese grater? No. Before I...

Jul 24, 2013

Ravens & Niners Models In Body Paint For Training Camp Kickoff

Finally, the NFL has returned. Veterans of both Super Bowl XLVII teams — the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers...

Apr 5, 2013

Colin Kaepernick Working On Accuracy In Off-Season…With Assault Rifle! [PHOTO]

Colin Kaepernick has had a relatively quiet off-season ever since he choked away Super Bowl 47. There’s been a few...

Apr 4, 2013

Donte Whitner: I Didn’t F-Bomb Nnamdi Asomugha On Twitter; ‘Hacked’

San Francisco 49ers safety Donte Whitner would like fans to know that an f-bomb from hist Twitter account aimed at...

Mar 24, 2013

Anthony Adams Retired From The NFL At White Castle [VIDEO]

Defensive tackle Anthony Adams was a serviceable, but not spectacular, NFL player. A second round draft pick of the San...

Jan 20, 2013

Jim Harbaugh Freaks Out After Losing Challenge [GIF]

Even though his 49ers hung on to win the NFC Championship Game, 28-24, San Francisco head coach Jim Harbaugh freaked...

Aug 8, 2012

44 Hottest San Francisco 49ers Cheerleaders & Sexy Superfans

Like most of you, we are itching for football season to start. In the midst of the dog days of summer, many get sick of baseball and start turning their attention to football. Don’t blame you a bit. To help quench your thirst, BC is going on a 32 team, 32 day, 32 gallery tour of NFL cheerleaders & superfans. Alex Smith and Coach Jim Harbaugh brought the Niners to the NFC Championship last season and look primed for another solid year. JUMP!

Feb 16, 2012

2012 Randy Moss Prop Bets In Case You’re A Degenerate

Randy Moss is making a return to the NFL after sitting on his ass at home for a season. We have to wonder if there will be a market for Moss, who's 35, although we imagine some team will take a flyer on him at some point. The great thing is you can already put a wager on which team that will be. Bodog has put together two Randy Moss prop bets. We've got all the odds right here, along with our expert betting advice. Or something.... Check it!

Jan 23, 2012

50 Cent Wins $500,000 On Giants, Brags On Twitter [Photos]

Rapper and Queens native 50 Cent is rolling in it today. And by it, we mean $500,000. No he didn't make a new sub-par rap album (at least that we're aware of) or star in another crappy movie where he pretty much plays himself. No, 50 threw down a wager on the New York Giants in the NFC Championship game and came out on the winning end. Of course, he did the logical, classy thing by bragging about it on Twitter afterward. Check it!

Jan 22, 2012

Vernon Davis Jumped On A Camera Stand In Celebration [PHOTOS]

Jay Glazer explained to us how the New York Giants handwarmer bags were filled with Shamwows to keep their hands warm in these cold conditions against the San Francisco 49ers for the NFC Championship. The NFC showed up the AFC today where they brought Kristin Chenoweth who killed the National Anthem. Vernon Davis also got on top of the camera stand for a celebration. JUMP!

Jan 16, 2012

SFO Dropping Famous Jay-Z 49 Problems Lyrics On Flight Monitor [Photo]

The new thing to do, if you work for an airline, is to taunt the losing playoff football team's fans when they happen to be in your city. It started in Denver, when some folks who work for United decided to stick it in the craw of Pittsburgh Steelers fans by posting a message on the big board at the gate about Tim Tebow. They followed suit over the weekend in San Francisco, when some 9ers fans who work for Virgin decided to stick it to Saints fans with a Jay-Z reference. JUMP!

Jan 14, 2012

Douchebag 49er Fan Holding Defense Sign All Wrong [PHOTOS]

Not only is the "D Fence" sign played out, it's not even being held right by this guy in the crowd. I'm pretty sure that is a necklace too with a backwards hat. Everything about this guy screams giant douchebag. Also seen in the crowd while the San Francisco 49ers took on the New Orleans Saints was a middle aged woman wearing a wrestling mask. Now that is dedication. JUMP!

Dec 19, 2011

Transformer Explodes During 49ers-Steelers Game [PHOTOS]

See that flashing blue light in the left corner of the picture? That is what happens when a transformer explodes and electricity goes haywire. The fact that this game is being played at Candlestick Park makes this occurrence hilarious. Either they are filming a scene from the Dark Knight Rising tonight or the San Francisco 49ers and Pittsburgh Steelers are about to play in utter darkness. Big Ben also tried "Tebowing" and failed miserably. JUMP!

Dec 7, 2011

Mike Singletary’s Dainty CA House Getting Cheaper; $3.3 MM [PHOTOS]

Mike Singletary wants out of California bad. We don't blame him. His time as San Francisco 49ers coach was littered with stupidity, both on and off the field. The former Chicago Bear has been trying to unload his Saratoga home since July and the price has just dropped for the third time. Would someone please buy this place already!? If you don't mind the stench of failure, it's actually becoming a pretty good deal. Check it!