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  • LeBron Got Hair Plugs? Basketball

    LeBron Got Hair Plugs?

    TODAY!   A couple years ago:   TODAY!   A COUPLE YEARS AGO:   TODAY!  ...

  • LeBron’s Hairline Is Internet Sensation [PHOTOS]

    LeBron’s Hairline Is Internet Sensation [PHOTOS]

    Biggest LeBron news this week? Dude's hairline is out of control and yet he refuses to just go with the Jordan shaved look. Of course Black America is going nuts. White America, from what our researchers tell us, don't really care because most of us are fat and balding anyway. Name a black athlete that left his balding hair this long and won an NBA championship. That's right, you can't. Your call, Lebron. Time to face the facts. This isn't a good look, bro. JUMP!