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May 13, 2013

The Ladies Of Fox Sports 1

Fox Sports 1 debuts in August and the executives building the station have been busy lining up what should be...

Mar 29, 2013

HOLY OMFG! Erin Andrews Wore THIS On ‘Live’ With Strahan [PHOTOS, TWEETS]

This morning Erin Andrews went on the ‘Kelly & Michael Show’ and co-hosted with Michael Strahan. As a replacement for...

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Mar 19, 2013

Erin Andrews Rocking Leather Pants At Timberlake Party [13 PHOTOS]

Leave it to Pageviews to steal the show at some Justin Timberlake/iHeartRadio party out in Los Angeles. Erin Andrews decided...

Mar 3, 2013

Erin Andrews Laughs As Vancouver Green Men Troll Boyfriend Jarret Stoll [VIDEO]

Erin Andrews has quite the life. After dodging kisses from 50 Cent last week, Pageviews was lounging on Saturday night...

Feb 24, 2013

50 Cent Kisses Erin Andrews At Daytona 500, ‘Sees No Black People’ At Race [VIDEO]

With the specter of yesterday’s Nationwide Series crash that injured 33 spectators looming over Daytona International Speedway, the 2013 Daytona...

Jan 14, 2013

Erin Andrews Spent Sunday With The Stanley Cup [PHOTO]

After working the sidelines for Saturday’s game between the Packers and 49ers, Erin Andrews spent her Sunday like any of...

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Jan 9, 2013

Erin Andrews Gets Into Twitter Feud With Stalker-ish CindyInLA6

How does Erin Andrews handle Twitter stalkers? She fights with them. Take the case last night that developed between Andrews...

Erin Andrews Dating L.A. Kings Jarret Stoll

Erin Andrews is back in the headlines early in 2013 via news that her new boyfriend is none other than...

Jan 2, 2013

Erin Andrews Went On Bravo Wearing This Napkin [SCREENCAPS]

With college football in a dead period Erin Andrews is making her TV rounds to make sure we don’t forget...

Dec 21, 2012

Erin Andrews Gets Into Mini Twitter War With Wisconsin ESPN Radio Guys

Pageviews has been relatively quiet on Twitter lately. Sure she posts her generic witty banter constantly, but her feisty side...

Dec 5, 2012

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Dec 3, 2012

Erin Andrews Mounting Chrissy Teigen On Couch At Sony 4k Party [PHOTO]

First of all, kudos to the folks at for paying attention to white sideline reporter chicks at L.A. parties....

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Nov 27, 2012

Erin Andrews & Her Bronzed Legs Star On Jimmy Kimmel [PHOTOS]

Once again, here we go again with Erin Andrews and her pencil-thin legs. We were just complaining last week that...

Nov 23, 2012

Hey, Fox, We Want To See Pam Oliver’s Legs, Too! [PHOTOS]

During yesterday’s broadcast of the Redskins-Cowboys game we noticed something was a bit off with how FOX was treating the...

Nov 20, 2012

36 Women In Sports We’re Thankful For In 2012

As we sit down to eat a giant turkey sandwich while the Lions are playing the Texans, BC will reflect...

Oct 29, 2012

Erin Andrews Is Amazed By David Ortiz’s Statue Of Liberty Hurricane Photo!

Guess she’s never seen The Day After Tomorrow. It’s all good, though, Pageviews came back strong with, “Ahahaha..on a plane...

Oct 9, 2012

Erin Andrews Scared By S&M Baseball Catcher At L.A. Haunted Halloween Hayride [PHOTOS]

And here I figured Pageviews was into some S&M with chains and catcher chest protectors. Swing sex? Handcuffs? Ironically, in...

Jul 2, 2012

22 NSFW Erin Andrews Is Leaving ESPN F-Bomb Tweets

Unless you've been living under a rock you already know that Erin Andrews has left ESPN for a job at Fox. Rumors were circling for a few weeks now so can't say we're shocked, but the news has hit Pageviews' fans pretty hard. Of course white guys on Twitter went nuts over the news they'll be without the 34-year-old on College GameDay. It's the end of an era for sideline reporting. Men are kinda freaking out over the future. It's like a nasty divorce for some. JUMP!

Jun 14, 2012

Ranking The Hottest ESPN Female Anchors & Reporters Of 2012

Earlier in the week, photos surfaced of Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson enjoying some fun in the sun in Miami....

Jun 12, 2012

Erin Andrews In Bikini On Miami Beach: Implants?

It's that time of year where we are going through Erin Andrews withdrawal, but once again the internet gods have answered our prayers. Look who was on Miami Beach over the weekend - Pageviews! She's just strutting her stuff in that insane bikini, and as amazing as the photos are, they started to make us wonder (again)...real or fake? We have 21 photos here for you to help us decide whether or not Erin has enhanced her assets. JUMP!

Mar 3, 2012

‘Ball So Hard’ Sign Spotted On College Gameday [PHOTOS]

A very well done 'Ball So Hard' sign made it's way onto College Gameday for the Duke Blue Devils and UNC Tarheels that showed the ending buzzer beater of the time the last two teams met. Of course this is a reference from a Jay-Z and Kanye West song and the addition of Austin Rivers makes this sign awesome. Erin Andrews interviewed probably the palest Duke girl on the face of the planet. JUMP!

Feb 11, 2012

Vanderbilt Nerds Hope To Knock Off Number 1 Kentucky [PHOTOS]

These Vanderbilt nerds flocked from their libraries and stopped studying organic chemistry for a couple hours to cheer on their Commodores. Erin Andrews showed up to give us one of her weird sideline reporter faces. A giant Kevin Stallings head was spotted in the crowd. John Calapari looked like he was going to have an aneurism on the sideline of Vandy's weird shaped arena. JUMP!

Jan 9, 2012

Name Stunned LSU Chick At BCS National Championship Game [PHOTOS]

This is a face of pure horror watching your beloved honey badger get torched by an Alabama wide receiver for 27 yards. The Alabama Crimson Tide took on the LSU Tigers in the Allstate BCS National Championship where the cajun fans dressed like idiots. What the hell were Erin Andrews and Les Miles staring at during the pre-game interview? Technically, Nick Saban's head is below sea-level in New Orleans at 5'6.  JUMP!

Jan 3, 2012

2012 Sugar Bowl Photos: GWAR & This MILF Cheering For Virginia Tech

I'm not sure if these Virginia Tech Hokies fans wanted to go to the Sugar Bowl or a Gwar concert but they made it to the Sugar Bowl against the Michigan Wolverines. Erin Andrews showed up to the game and so did these three overweight girls dressed in I don't know what outfits. We all wonder if power VT blogger TheKeyPlay will survive his trip to the Sugar Bowl. If you spot him in the crowd,  I will buy you a beer.  JUMP!

Jan 2, 2012

Erin Andrews’ Rose Bowl Pants Giving Me A Chubby [PHOTOS]

I don't know what Erin Andrews was thinking when she chose this outfit to the Rose Bowl between the Wisconsin Badgers and the Oregon Ducks. It looks like she is Jenny from Forrest Gump in the 70's. The crowd was filled with crazily dressed fans like any other Rose Bowl but this year they had a stealth fighter do a flyover. That probably only cost the government a billion dollars.  JUMP!

Dec 5, 2011

Erin Andrews Suing Peeper, Nashville Marriott For $7 Million [Documents]

Erin Andrews and the dude who videotaped her in the nude, Michael Barrett, are back in the news. Andrews has re-filed the lawsuit accusing Barrett and Marriott -- the hotel where she was videotaped -- of invasion of privacy, negligence and infliction of emotional stress. Andrews is looking for $7 million. We wonder if that will make her feel better. We've got the court documents for your perusal. Have at it - JUMP!

Dec 3, 2011

ESPN GameDay Signs 2011: LSU Vs. Georgia [PHOTOS]

The LSU Tigers are in for a test against the Georgia Dawgs in the final College Gameday of the season. The Gameday signs did not disappoint this year with slogans such as "Holla at your Boykin" AND "EAT MOR KORNDOGS". An LSU fan retialiated with a sign that said "Bark if you lost to Boise". I'm really disappointed in Georgia fans for not having a sign that said "Go HAM for Grantham". Whatever these signs say, I'm sure the Honey Badger doesn't give a shit. JUMP!

Nov 10, 2011

Erin Andrews Looking Hot At The CMAs With David Freese [PHOTOS]

ESPN's Erin Andrews was standing around looking hot last night at the Country Music Awards. She also presented an award with the St. Louis Cardinals' hero David Freese. We have no idea what the award was for or who one it, but let's say it was for biggest redneck of the year. The point is, that is completely inconsequential. What is consequential is Erin Andrews looking hot and we've got the photos for you to drool over. Check it!

Jun 27, 2011

Rumor: ESPN Hiring Charissa Thompson [Photos]

From BC Associate Editor Monty's desk: Erin Andrews can kiss the title of hottest chick working for EPSN goodbye. The leader had signed former Fox Sports sideline reporter Charissa Thompson to a deal that includes her own show on ESPN2. She's been crying on Twitter about her life-changing moment, leaving people wondering what's happening. Here's what's up. JUMP!

May 25, 2011

The Hunt For Next Erin Andrews: Nadia Larysa Is Aspiring Sideline Reporter

If you are new to Busted Coverage it's highly likely you haven't noticed an old series that this site made famous called "The Next Erin Andrews." It's exactly what it sounds like. We go out and hunt for ladies who'll one day fill the shoes of Erin Pageviews. Today's candidate is Nadia Larysa, a Chicago Lingerie Football Leaguer who has sideline career aspirations. What are Nadia's sideline credentials? See for yourself, after the JUMP!

Mar 28, 2010

Report: Maksim Chmerkovskiy 'Maybe' Banging Erin Andrews

We told you so, boys. Some blog asked DWTS stud Maksim Chmerkovskiy if he and Erin Andrews were dating. “Maybe,”...

Mar 5, 2010

Erin Andrews Dancing With The Stars Photos

It’s good to see Erin Andrews putting her life back together via ballroom dancing after such a disastrous 2009. We...

Dec 30, 2009

Those Who’ve Reached Out To Erin Andrews: Mack Brown, Urban Meyer, Randy Shannon, Les Miles….& Tebow’s Mom

Possibly the biggest get of 2009 for a print writer – David Jones of the Patriot-News (Harriburg, Pa.) lands interview...

Nov 9, 2009

The 2 All-Time Most Inappropriate Erin Andrews Halloween Pumpkins

Hey, it’s all in fun, right? Nothing like taking a Halloween pumpkin contest to the next level and designing a...

Oct 30, 2009

Erin Andrews Hot Assistant, Security Detail Close By At Va. Tech-UNC

A BC reader (Lawrence) sent a report from one of his UNC buddies (Will) who was in Blacksburg last night...

Oct 19, 2009

ESPN's Jenn Brown The Next Erin Andrews?

Jenn Brown went from being some chick who worked for Inside The NFL, to a chick who worked for ESPNU,...

Oct 13, 2009

Lisa Guerrero & Jim Moret Show Erin Andrews-Style Peepholing Still Possible At Nashville Marriott

We just happened to be eating a burrito last night for dinner and enjoying some television when, for some reason,...