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  • 2012 MLB Playoff WAGs By Position wags

    2012 MLB Playoff WAGs By Position

    For the first time since the steroid era ended, the MLB playoffs will have the Yankees, a first-time Nats, Miguel Cabrera, Justin Verlander, the World Series runner-up Rangers, Bryce Harper and a new wildcard playoff game. Can't get excited about that? What's wrong with you? It'll also be the first playoffs for MLB girlfriends Kate Upton and Angela Rypien. Still not excited for October baseball? Shame on you. JUMP!

  • Hottest Baseball WAGs To Watch In 2012 [PHOTOS] wags

    Hottest Baseball WAGs To Watch In 2012 [PHOTOS]

    We've now made it to Memorial Day weekend and figured it was time to check in with our MLB WAGs To Watch in 2012 list. There have been WAGs dealing with injuries, WAGs dealing with slumps and even one WAG dealing with her MLB meal ticket (Brett Lawrie) being suspended for throwing his helmet and hitting an umpire. We've had a WAG breakup & a surprise rookie WAG come out of nowhere (Ann Lux). Jump!


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