Get This Miami Dolphins Themed Chrysler For $7,995!!!

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If I’d ever move to Miami, I’d feel compelled to buy the most loud, obnoxious, and extravagant car I could possibly afford so I can properly “fit in” with all the cocaine dealers, fixers betting on Pop Warner that ESPN found a couple years back, and DJ Khaled that litter South Beach.

Maybe Rick Ross could give me a discount.

I’m not planning to move to the Mi-Yayo anytime soon, but if I was, I definitely give this eBay gem that’s a Miami Dolphins-inspired 2005 Chrysler 300 a hard look.

This car is so perfect. It’s just as flashy, yet ultimately disappointing as the actual Miami Dolphins. You’d have to imagine the owner would have picked up a Caddy in the case the Dolphins went with Carnell Williams that year instead of Ronnie Brown. It’s not like Cadillac won Offensive ROY that season.

Don’t reason with me that Williams been out of the league since 2011 and Brown is still collecting checks. Side note: How much coke you wanna bet was snorted off that dashboard?


This car definitely ran drugs with running up over 150,000 miles in less than 10 years. Police wouldn’t dare search it since its so patently ridiculous looking.


You’re telling I could get 2005 electric blue and orange Chrylser 300 for $7,995? No wonder so many pro athletes go broke. This is absolute unnecessary. I absolutely want it.

Nevin Shaprio definitely owned this car at one point.

Ah yes, that’s where I recognize this car from.

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