WR Mike Evans Fighting With Bouncers Is A Fun Video To Watch

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Look at the speed from Mike Evans as he evades bouncers outside Dream Nightclub on South Beach. The guy has wheels. The person who sent the video to TMZ says this went down last Saturday, but Evans’ agent says it was in March. Which story are you believing? I’m going with the agent since the Buccaneers played Miami in Tampa Saturday night. Is it possible Evans left the game, got on a plane that night and went clubbing on South Beach? Possible, but not likely. Of course I’m already looking for evidence.

Here’s where things get interesting about personal conduct and the NFL.

From Mike Florio re: violating those rules:

That would potentially make Evans exempt from scrutiny under the personal-conduct policy, since he wasn’t an employee of any NFL team in March.

So if you’re going to throw punches at bouncers, just make sure it happens before you’re drafted. Oh, and make sure you don’t break your hand or get your face smashed in.

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