I’m Betting These Packer Fans Will NOT Eat The Horse Collar Kielbasa Turd

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The Cold War of stadium concession abominations was cranked up even hotter with the Packer’s new latest offense to dietary guidelines.

It literally looks a turd in a toilet bowl!

The “horse collar” is made up of the eponymous horse collar kielbasa baked into bread and drizzled with beer cheese and fried sauerkraut. I tip my hat to Green Bay’s fan engagement department, but wouldn’t this slab of transfats sober fans up? Even the most blacked out of cheese heads would blow a .03 halfway through eating it. Don’t fans need complete inebriation to survive a late December home game with the Vikings?

Here’s some customers that are intelligent enough to stay away from that monstrosity. It’d ruin their perfect beer blankets.

I know making $$$ is the name of the game and at $20 pop, Green Bay will be raking in the green from selling to food masochists, hack sportswriter who will livetweet their eating experience, and Tony Siragusa. He’ll eat three by himself.