You Can Now Watch The 49ers Live On Your Phone While You Are At The Game

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Today, the San Francisco 49ers are playing their first game at the brand new Levi’s stadium. The 1.2 billion dollar building contains 1.85 million square feet, seats around 70,000 fans, and features  approximately 165 luxury suites and 8,500 club seats.

In an effort to make the in-game viewing experience more intuitive and enjoyable, the Niners developed a stadium mobile app that allows fans to order booze and food directly from their seats. The app also has integrated GPS that can help fans find the bathroom or team store. These features seem like things that people would actually use. Good job, Niners.

But according to Yahoo reporter Rand Getlin, you can also use the app to watch the game live on your phone:

Now when you you decide to drop $500 on NFL tickets, you can watch the actual game on your 3 inch iPhone while you’re literally at the game. Technology! Just transforming every part of our daily lives!

This is so fucking stupid:


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