Freddie Freeman’s Wedding Registry Includes $500 Blender, $400 Knife Set

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You probably remember BC telling you way back in January that Freddie Freeman got engaged to former bikini model Chelsea Goff. So yesterday I was listening to Jim Rome’s fill-in host interview Freeman when they got around to discussing the November 22 wedding. One thing led to another and I was looking for the Goff-Freeman wedding registry. It didn’t take long to find the massive 200+ item registry featuring items from Macy’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, Bloomingdale’s and Pottery Barn.

The highlights:

• $500 blender

• $400 knife set (that’s bad luck)

• $300 juice fountain

• $5 George Foreman sponge

• $12 pizza wheel knife

• $40 tea kettle

You might remember that Freddie signed an 8-year, $135,000,000 contract extension in February. Before this season ($5,125,000 contract) the most Freddie made in a year was $560,000. That’s unreal work by Goff. The timing couldn’t be more perfect. You eyeball a guy who’s tearing it up on his rookie contract and then cash in the same year the guy inks $135 million. It’s unbelievable how some chicks get so lucky in the jersey chasing game.

As for a gift, I’m seriously thinking about jumping on the $5 sponge. The killer is the shipping. That always pisses me off. I just want to buy a simple gift and Bed, Bath & Beyond wants to jack me around with $12 shipping.

[Freddie Freeman Wedding Registry]

[Photos via Model Mayhem@chelseagoff]

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