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69-Year-Old Bama Fan Robs Bank, Might Miss Football Season


Meet David Corley. He’s 69 (according to the Mobile Press-Register). He’s also a Bama fan.

Dave thought it would be a smart move to rob a Mobile, Alabama bank on Monday morning, just a few weeks before Bama faces West Virginia in Atlanta. That’s not the best move because now he’s been arrested and could be sitting in jail as Nick goes for his fourth national title at Bama and fifth overall.

According to Fox 10 Mobile:

Officials said the suspect, David Corley, was wearing a mask and armed with a gun when he approached the teller. They said he demanded money then fled the scene in a red Toyota Tacoma.

Authorities found him on Hillcrest Road, near Girby Road, and took him into custody.

And you went with a gun and a mask? Wrong move, Dave. There is a very good chance you’ll now be convicted and die in prison. Not good at all. Alabama law states that using a gun during a robbery will add on 10 years to the sentence. Dave could be looking at 20 years in the slammer.

So long, Dave. Roll Tide in jail.


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