Police On High Alert At Raiders-Cowboys Camp For Gang Warfare [UPDATES]

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Today’s joint Raiders-Cowboys practice in Oxnard, California sounded like fun considering there was a significant police presence on the hunt for gangbangers up to no good at an innocent NFL practice.

Word on the street is that the Colonia Chiques gang likes using the Cowboys logo and colors as their official gang attire. Wearing Cowboys attire within Oxnard city limits has been banned since 2004. As you’d suspect, Raiders gear has been affiliated with gangs since gangs started being gangs. You mix the two teams at a camp where city rules are relaxed and you have edgy cops who aren’t going to take any chances with street thugs.

Oxnard gangs have also been known to wear gear from the Chicago White Sox, Carolina Panthers, Detroit Lions, and San Diego Chargers.

Then this happened today:

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