Bengals QB Pukes, Throws Touchdown Pass


How about this Matt Scott kid out of Arizona throwing a touchdown pass last night for the Bengals after puking during the presnap read. That kid just made a roster somewhere in the NFL. It probably isn’t going to be Cincy where AJ McCarron and Jason Campbell are getting comfortable behind Red Dalton.

But Scott is making a case for the practice squad. The guy went 7 for 11 for 66 yards through the air and two TDs. He also carried six times for 68 yards in last night’s game against the Chiefs.

And he had the puke touchdown. All in all it was a solid night even though the Bengals lost a meaningless preseason game, 41-39.

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    1. mastermeat says:

      Reblogged this on Thee Blog and commented:
      This is awesome. Just goes to show how hard these guys in pro sports work and what they will do to play the game they love. Just puking on the field and moving forward, didn’t want to come out of the game so he threw a TD so he could attend to his stomach woes on the sideline.

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