Hottest Alumni of the ACC

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Janet Gretzky Went Paintballin' With Paulina (Is That Dustin?)Janet Gretzky Went Paintballin' With Paulina (Is That Dustin?)
Charissa Thompson Seems To Be Enjoying VacationCharissa Thompson Seems To Be Enjoying Vacation

Jill Arrington - Miami


Florida State has 3, Georgia Tech has 1, Clemson has 1, Maryland has 1,

The ACC should be excited. Florida State finally stopped the SEC from it’s domination of college football over the past decade. Not only that, they brought the sixth national title back to the ACC since it began in 1953.

For fun, can you name the four schools from the ACC that have won a title? (Obviously Florida State is one, name the other three.)

Shockingly, Miami was not a part of the ACC until after they dominated the 90’s in football. So go ahead and write them off the list too.

Since you will be busy using the Google machine for the next few hours, why not check out some of the beautiful alumni that has graced the ACC with their presence?

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