Verlander-Upton Vacation Is Over, Pimple Popper & Roll Tide Roundup

Instagram Bikini Model Of The Day: Danielle KnudsonInstagram Bikini Model Of The Day: Danielle Knudson
2014 Hooters Pageant Competitors, Boeheim Tat & Sharapova Going For A Run2014 Hooters Pageant Competitors, Boeheim Tat & Sharapova Going For A Run

Adam Morrison trying to go about his life


I spent about two hours last night watching the Canadian Football League game on ESPN2 and about an hour reading the MMQB Canada Week where Peter King dispatched writers to explain the league and what makes it weird and fun. It’s worth your time. The average salary is around $80,000. The max contracts are in the $300,000 range. Of course I’m not spending time in September reading this stuff. It’s great July reading material.

Something weird happened to me yesterday on my lunch break from this madness. I stopped at the bank to deposit some money. The teller did her thing, looked at the account, looked up at me and asked, “What are you saving up for, Joe?” Wait, what did you just ask me? It was a first. I’ve never had a bank teller sweat my account. She was actually dropping hints that it might be time to look at some investments with the bank. I’m just happy that’s not my wife.

This is bad news for the Tide from @ESPNStatsInfo:

SEC media picks Alabama to win conference. Since SEC title game began in 1992, only 4 of 22 preseason champs went on to win conf.

You know why this doesn’t matter? Because we now have a playoff system and the SEC will likely get two teams in from now until we’re all dead.

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