Teen Lingerie QB Dakota Hughes Leads Atlanta To Win While Playing With Broken Wrist

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Atlanta Teen Lingerie QB Dakota Hughes3

Meet the Johnny Manziel of the Lingerie Football League. She’s just 19, has a rifle right arm, has great leadership skills and will do whatever it takes to win a lingerie football game.

Remember this name — Dakota Hughes.

Lingerie fans in Atlanta are still buzzing over the performance Hughes turned in June 7 against Omaha. The teenager, playing in her first lingerie game, played with a broken wrist and completed a 42-yard touchdown pass with :36 left in the 4th quarter to beat Omaha, 20-13.

Some are calling it one of the greatest clutch passes in LFL history. The league is so excited over the teen’s performance they even made this NFL Films-esque feature on the performance. She finished 9-17 with 102 yards through the air and two TDs in her debut.

Repeat, she completed the winning pass with a broken wrist.

The Dakota Hughes File:

• 2013 high school graduate

• Attends Kennesaw State University

• Major: Communications

• Wants to be a sports broadcaster

• Played softball, basketball, and flag football in high school

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