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Paulina Gretzky Rebounds, CNN Team USA Fail & World Cup Proposal

Bro, you're going to miss the part where the USA wins. Wake up.


I caught the most important 15 minutes of the Ghana-America match at a bar where I had to pick up my credit card after leaving it there Friday night after a bender. Looks like that’s Team USA’s new lucky bar. I walked in, Ghana scored about two minutes later so I had to stay to watch the end. Then Brooksy scores the game-winner. Guess that’s where I’ll be on Sunday when Portugal comes calling.

As for Ghana fans, there is always a parting gift. From @chrisilluminati:

All Ghana fans in attendance at the World Cup game receive a free Miami Heat 2014 NBA Champions shirt. It will save on shipping costs

That should ease the pain from such a devastating loss.

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