Beadle Trolls The Heat, Taylor Swift Leg Show & Jeter’s GF Goes Hand Bra



If you are annoyed by over-analysis, avoid Twitter and bars tonight at 5:30 for the U.S.-Ghana match. It will be ugly. Every possession will be dissected by soccer nerds. If you like low-scoring college baseball, the College World Series starts today at 3 EST with Texas-Louisville. In four games, Vanderbilt is the offensive juggernaut with five runs. That’s the high. It’s a good thing we tamed those aluminum bats.

Taylor Swift putting on a leg show

Bruce Jenner’s hair has gone next level

Beadle trolling the Heat…live at Game 5

Jeter’s girlfriend goes hand bra for magazine

HOLY SHIT: FL freshman’s vertical!

Marvin Harrison was shot this weekend

Trust me…Petra Nemcova IN THIS!!!!!

•  Trust Me: Abby Brothers

College World Series Catch of the Year

Sandwich Porn of the Day

Picture 1

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