Tim Duncan’s Jorts, Vivid Cabaret Pole Dancing Contest & Gronk On Whose Line Is It



Alabama and Florida tangle tonight in Game 2 of the softball world series — 8 EST on ESPN. You also get WNBA action at 7 on the Deuce. You know what that means. There will be pissed off men who’ll screencap their channel guide and tweet it out. Happens every year. There’s also a Mexico friendly from Chicago on at 9:30. Do I smell crowd fights after all day drinking?


Gronk on Whose Line Is It Anyway

Mug shot: John Elway’s son

Tim Duncan wearing jorts

Meet “Ha Ha Kitten-Dix”

Harry Caray — Beer-drinking machine!

Vivid Cabaret NY Pole Dancing Championship

Ginger Leanna Decker is at it again

Katharine McPhee destroying a Cabo beach

Double-A Catch of the Week

Sandwich Porn of the Day

Picture 1

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