Heat Grandma To Pacers: “We’re Going To Kick The Shit Out Of Them”

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The only thing disappointing with the Heat Grandma videos is that she doesn’t drop f-bombs or nearly enough profanity.

Her greatest hits from the Game 5 video:

“Let’s put the nipple in his mouth.”

“We’re going to kick the shit out of them,” in reference to the Heat going home for Game 6.

At some points while I’m watching these videos it feels like Jimmy Kimmel is going to pop up and take credit for Heat Grandma. It just feels that way. It’s almost too good to be true that Heat Grandma is that into the Heat. Most of us have had a grandma who was sneaky with her love of sports until she’s old and doesn’t have to hide it anymore. Maybe that’s Heat Grandma’s story.

Conclusion: Heat Grandma needs to ramp up the profanity.

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