It’s Like Hannah Davis Is Trying To Make Jeter Go 1-7 In 13 Inning Game

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You know what’s great about this Derek Jeter farewell tour? He gets to bring his girlfriend, Hannah Davis, along for the ride and have her sit in the front row — wearing this.


Shoulders for days. Tanned like she’s been holed up in St. Lucia since October. And then she magically shows up at Wrigley on a sunny May day wearing this. You know what makes Jeter a Hall of Famer? He’s able to make it through a 13 inning game without bailing on Girardi and grabbing dinner with┬áDavis while she’s wearing that.

He went 1-7 in Wednesday’s 13 inning marathon (now hitting .267).

She might need to tone down the shoulder so Jetes can concentrate on this farewell tour.


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