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Jenn Sterger Licking Little Dude’s Face, Romo Wearing Duke Shirt & Smoke Puig

I hope that's a real tat

Where do I start? The Penguins choking away a 3-1 series lead to the Rangers or the Pacers getting humiliated last night – AT HOME – to the Wizards? The Pacers lost only six times at home all season. They’ve managed to lose twice at home to the Wizards in this series.

Penguins fans , though, should be totally pissed off at this team. You only need to win one game, and two of those are at home, to win the series. Nope. Choke city. Crosby was scoreless over the last three.

As for the Pacers, they still lead the series 3-2. It seems they just took a night off.


Via , the +39 rebound margin was tied for the 3rd highest in playoff history, behind the ’60 Celtics and ’71 Hawks.

Good effort, Pacers.

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