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Manziel’s Chick On A Boat, Talladega Drunks & Lauren Tannehill Steps Out

Bama being Bama


How big is the Super Bowl?

I’ll let @RJinVegas break this one down:

$130 Million was bet legally on last year’s Kentucky Derby. $119 Million was bet legally in Nevada on the Super Bowl.

Read that again.

The NFL is kinda a big deal.

Summer can officially start. The Derby is over and the NASCAR boys have run the May Talladega race. Now it’s time for an entire week of NFL Draft coverage. It all starts today. Todd McShay hasn’t slept. Mel Kiper will get one last coloring. Chris Berman will fly in from his home in Hawaii. Twitter dorks will bitch about Berman needing to be replaced by Wingo. It’s time for draft grades and blowhards to tell you how great some 21 year old wide receiver is.

But I’ll be watching.

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