Actress Sara Malakul Lane Destroys This Construction Site



These photos of Sara Malakul Lane just showed up in the BC inbox.

Who is 31-year-old Sara Malakul Lane?

You don’t remember her from classic movies Jailbait and Sharktopus? I don’t either, but Sara is hot and she’s wearing ridiculous American Apparel on a construction site about to finish some concrete work. It seems her work in Jailbait caused a shitstorm in Thailand, where she was born.

As for these photos we received, of course I’m going to post them. I don’t even know if Sara @saramalakullane has ties to the sports world. I went back through a couple months of tweets and can’t find anything related to the Lakers, Heat, 49ers, Seahawks, etc.

It doesn’t really matter.

[photos by: theheadhuntr]

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