Who Was Boobs McGee With Johnny Manziel At The Rangers Game?

Hottest Ladies Of ESPN - Spring 2014Hottest Ladies Of ESPN - Spring 2014
Kenny Powers Reds Fan, Brewers Boobs & UK Fan Robs BankKenny Powers Reds Fan, Brewers Boobs & UK Fan Robs Bank

Manziel-Rangers-Boobs-1 Manziel-Rangers-Boobs-2


Update: We have a name for this chick.


We’ll be investigating this throughout the day.

It’s not Lauren Hanley, his last girlfriend, because she was in California.

Do you know the real name of Boobs McGee with Manziel at last night’s Mariners-Rangers game? Let us know.


Sign that they’ve been dating for awhile?

Picture 5

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