Elvis Dumervil Already Selling Florida Mansion For $2.3 Million [PHOTOS]

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Elvis Dumervil LEAD

Elvis Dumervil may have a future as a realtor when his playing days are over. The Ravens’ linebacker now has two lavish homes on the market, including one he has been trying to sell since leaving Denver in 2013.

Maybe last year’s contract debacle with the Broncos was enough to make Dumervil reconsider putting down long-term roots anywhere? He just listed the Florida home he bought last August for $2.3 million.

If the massive custom Mediterranean house an hour north of Miami can fetch his asking price, Dumervil will “break even,” though he’d likely take an overall loss considering sale costs.

Interested? The home has a maple-barrel ceiling, several built-in fish tanks and an amazing resort-style pool. The home offers enough features that you might actually want to live in it more than a year.

Dumervil is just lucky he doesn’t play for the Eagles. They might see this as a red flag and cut him loose.

Highlights of Elvis Dumervil’s Parkland, Fla. House:

• Game room with a pool table and a wet bar

• In-house movie theater with stadium seating

• 7 bedrooms, 6 baths and 1 half-bath

• 7,900-square-feet

• 15.6 miles to Cheetah Pompano gentlemen’s club

• 9.3 miles from Whole Foods

[Ravens’ Elvis Dumervil Looks to Flip Florida Mansion — Realtor]

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