Ladies Of The Sweet 16 – Leticia Cline, Kentucky Fan

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What are the rules for ladies to get included in our “Ladies of the Sweet 16″ series? 1. Be hot. 2. Be a fan of a team in the Sweet 16. I don’t need to know if you understand basketball. I don’t know if you understand how to run an offense. Just fall under the two rules and we’re good.

Model Leticia Cline, 35, has both covered.  Her Twitter account (@LeticiaAnnCline) bio says it all: “50% Irish 50% Cherokee 100% Kentuckian.” Then you start looking through her IG account and realize that Cline is one of the hottest chicks on the Internet with under 10,000 Twitter followers.

The only real issue we see here is that Cline doesn’t actually tweet about UK games. It would be nice to see a “Calipari is a genius” proclamation here and there. However, she does have UK street cred in the form of her psychology and finance from the school.

Kentucky and Louisville get it on Friday at 9:45 on CBS.

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