I Got Goosebumps Watching This Marshall Henderson Tribute Video

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I think it was CBS radio host Gary Parrish (@GaryParrishCBS) who alerted me to Marshall Henderson late January 2013. That day we found a photo of Marshall at an Oxford bar about to shove his tongue down a chick’s throat. He was partying his ass off.

The legend was born.

Suddenly the Internet wanted to see him partying his ass off after every victory. And there were plenty of victories (23-8) and then Ole Miss won the SEC tournament by beating Florida. Then they beat Wisconsin in the first round of the Big Dance.

Pending a miracle run in this year’s SEC tournament (Ole Miss is currently 19-13), Henderson is headed for the NIT and a quiet end to his career. That’s what makes this tribute video just released by Ole Miss so perfect. Remember the good times. Remember when Marshall was pounding beers like a champ.

Remember when Marshall was the biggest name in college basketball.


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