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Sochi Grog, Bosh Looks Thirsty, Parcells At Marlins Camp & ESPN Interns Fired

It figures that just when Bob Ley and LeBron are beefing, The King goes and gets a bloody nose against the Thunder. ESPN went into complete, “Holy shit…get the SportsCenter sidebar loaded with LeBron bloody nose topics,” mode. Just think of the topics coming: Can LeBron win another title with bloody nose issues? Would Tebow leave a game over a bloody nose? Does LeBron’s bloody nose mean he’s leaving Miami?


And you fuckers wonder why I can’t watch the NBA until May 29th.

Bosh does look thirsty, though.

From @RJinVegas:

USA vs. Canada in Men’s Hockey is exactly a COIN FLIP (-110 on either team to win the game)

Give me Canada. Just seems like the play here.

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