Drew Brees Screened For Bombs Before Wild Card Flight To Philly

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Friday was a travel day for the New Orleans Saints, who flew to Philadelphia where they will take on the Eagles at frigid Lincoln Financial Field on Saturday night (8:10 p.m. EST on NBC).

Fans don’t often get to see an NFL team’s travel procedures, other than the return trip from a triumphant victory or crushing defeat. As it turns out, NFL players deal with the same bullshit getting on their team’s plane as you do when getting on your $99 JetBlue ride.

Reporter Meg Farris of WWL-TV in New Orleans captured the shot above of Drew Brees boarding the team plane to Philly. Yes, even the Super Bowl-winning QB of the Saints had to endure pre-flight metal detectors and security measures. No strip-search, natch.

Love the dude in the overcoat to Brees’ right looking like every grizzled detective from every cop drama. He’s just waiting for someone to make a corny-ass ‘Watch out for this guy: he’s been known to throw bombs…YEAAAAAHHH’ remark.

[H/T: @megfarrisWWL]

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