Angry Browns Fan Takes Protest To Team Headquarters

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Factory of Sadness. Waiting for next year. Can’t wait for Spring Training. Can’t wait for the NFL Draft. Can’t wait for training camp.

I keep saying it and it’s true, there isn’t a more loyal, more depressed group of fans in sports like Cleveland fans. Don’t give me Cubs fans. Losing is fun to them.

I can’t stand Cleveland teams, yet I find myself with a lump in my throat looking at this Cleveland fan today outside the team’s Berea headquarters, just hours after management announced the firing of Chud.

Krazy Mazie (@JMazie14) tweeted today:

Spending the day with a Brown Paper Bag on my head standing in the cold in Berea sounds like a great way to spend my vacation

I spent Hundreds of hours Tailgating in Munilot I think its time I bundle up and head down to Berea!!! Time to make a fool out of myself

My phones about to die so I don’t know what’s happening besides a bunch of people laughing at me but oh we’ll Go browns

So sad.

And they made Krazy Mazie take his protest to the other side of the street.


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