Johnny Manziel Missed Layup, Anderson Silva’s Leg Breaking & Celeb Booty ’13


Not a football fan? Your team is out of it? NBC has Olympic trial ski jumping at 1:30 to keep you busy. Oh, and then at 3:30, NBC has the speed skating trials. Enjoy.

The Year In Celebrity Booty 2013

GIF: Anderson Silva’s leg breaking last night

Watch: Johnny Manziel basketball fail

GIFs: Chicks going crazy at sporting events

BW3 plays UFC audio instead of its own bowl

T.O., cheesesteaks & bikini chicks

Paul McCartney’s wife at the beach

HO-LY SH-IT! Stephanie Seymour at the beach

High School Girls’ Basketball Punch of the Day

Sandwich Porn of the Day

Picture 2

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