Falcons Fan Whips Cowboys Fan’s Ass On Atlanta Train

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It’s unclear when this Cowboys fan vs. Falcons fan fight on an Atlanta train happened, but we know that Cowboys fan probably regrets taunting Falcons fan over Super Bowls.

Cowboys fan: Swing, nigga.

Falcons fan: Wassup.

Cowboys fan: Swing, nigga.

Falcons fan: Wassup.

Falcons fan: (swings)

Cowboys fan: (goes down)

The real action starts at 1:00. Look, if you’re going to tell Falcons fan to swing after throwing Super Bowl wins in his face, he’s probably going to swing, especially after suffering through a 4-10 season.

Kudos to the people of Atlanta for keeping this fight fair. It could’ve gotten ugly, yet the locals let Falcons fan do his thing without jumping in.

Fair, clean fight. Shit happens.