The Best Blackhawks Ice Girl GIF I’ve Ever Seen

According to Puck Daddy @wyshynski, this Ice Girl cam shot happened during a recent Blackhawks game. Just look at the skating skills by this Ice Girl. Of course you didn’t think the girls could really skate. Of course you thought they were just there to look good.

Of course you never thought one of the Blackhwaks Ice Girls, ranked 11th in Coed’s NHL Ice Girls social media power rankings, would go booty first into the goal cam.

Is there any other reason to watch the NHL in December? You start surprising my ass with a few Ice Girls backing that ass into a goal cam and I’m watching – while eating popcorn. In fact, I recommend having the Ice Girls wear GoPros in the locker rooms and let me access that coverage via an app on my phone.

Call me, NBC. I’ll raise those ratings.

[Blackhawks Ice Crew – Facebook]

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